About Department of Economics

Kabi Nazrul Govt. College, Dhaka


Century-old Kabi Nazrul Government College is a famous institute which upholding traditional Bangla Heritage and the super culture of old Dhaka. Since 1874 this renowned institution has been contributing significantly towards the betterment of the education sector. In 1972 the college was nationalised and the name of the college was changed to our National Poets name, making the start of a new journey upholding its own glamour. In 2005 the institution started enrolling honours level courses under curriculum of the National University. Among the fields of study offered in those honours level courses Economics was a prominent one. In the academic session of 2004-05 the department of Economics started its journey as classes on undergraduate level honours courses began. In 2016 by the decision of our honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina the prominent seven colleges in Dhaka City were attached of the Dhaka University curruculum, consequently from academic session 2017-18 the institute started enrolling students of undergraduate level honours programs under affiliated with Dhaka University. Every year 150-180 students enroll in this prestigious department. Faculties of the department are BCS officers under education cadre. At present the faculty consists of six teachers. Departmental head is Professor Monowara Begum, under whom several faculties including Associate Professor Afsana Pervin, Associate Professor Naznin Akter, Assistant Professor Safina Hossain provide their services. Moreover Md. Habibul Alam Miah and Tamanna Ahmed Nipa are also working as lecturers in the department. The faculties of the department perform important duties along with their academic exercise by their enormous zeal and total devotion expertise and perseverance. The Department has a seminar libaray in which students can check out books to enrich there knowledge bank. Thus having an excellent performance in their examination. The duties of the Seminar Assistant Md. Nadim Sheikh, and other duties are performed by pion Md. Imam Hossain as helping hands. The heart and soul of the department are the students. The department is given life through the presence of our students who enrich and enlighten the premises of our department. The department has been performing satisfactorlly in different examinations and has consistently been ranked as one of the top choices of the students. The alumni of the department have attained numerous important achievements in jobs and services and are demonstrating the signs of their true protential in their respective fields of work. The department is also a prominent one when it comes to social and cultural activities and students of economics department participate in-different co-curricular activities like Rover-Scout, BNCC extensively. The main motto of the department is to disburse quality education to everyone and the department of Economics making significant strids by implementing this divine motto of bringing up of enrich manpower in our country.  

 Professor, Monowara Begum

Head of the Department

Department of Economics

Kabi Nazrul Govt. College, Dhaka